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To apply to the program, first complete the pre-requisite Aviation Math course (free). Once you have completed the course and passed the final exam, you will have access to the Aviation Basics full application.

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Step 1: Complete Aviation Math Course

This course briefly touches on basic math a student will have learned in primary education. After this course, the student will be refreshed on a level of math that most AMT/Apprentices will commonly use while working in the field. The fundamentals of mathematical operations will be reviewed. Upon review of each course section, a short exam will be administered. At the end of the entire course, a final examination of the entire course will be administered. Upon passing this exam, the student will have achieved credit for the course and will continue within the program.

Step 2: Submit Your Application

After successfully completing Aviation Math, you can submit your full application to enroll in Aviation Basics. Be sure to have a resume ready to upload.

The Aviation Basics Application will be live soon!

Check this space for updates, or use the contact form on the website for more information.