Aviation Basics

What is aviation basics?

The Aviation Basics program is designed as an opportunity for individuals to become qualified for entry level positions at Manufacturers, MRO, and repair facilities where aircraft maintenance certificates are not always required. This foundation training program can support employment in several technical support positions including parts dept, shipping, tech assistant and quality control. Once established in the field an individual may also begin to build the hours required to take the A&P exam under 14 CFR Part 65 to become a fully licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician.

About the Course

Online Course

Aviation Basics starts with an online pre-requisite course and will involve foundation content focusing on basic mathematics and reading with instructional oversight. These subjects are necessary in a competency-based, maintenance position. An individual would need to successfully complete this prerequisite to pursue the next segment.

After successfully completing the online math course, the final application process is completed for registration in the full-time classroom and shop portion of the Aviation Basics program.

Onsite Course

The next segment of the Aviation Basics program is designed as an 7-week full-time onsite course covering basic knowledge and skills commonly used in the aviation, aerospace, or manufacturing fields. A general outline of the course includes some of the following topics:

  • Safety and Tool Usage
  • Human Factors
  • Regulations & Recordkeeping
  • Technical Data
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Materials/Processes
  • Sheetmetal
  • Corrosion Control
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic
  • Electrical

Frequently asked questions

Aviation Basics is designed specifically for those with minimal or no experience and focuses on building mechanical aptitude in basic maintenance operations. This training program covers the foundation knowledge and skill typically needed in an entry-level position in the aviation maintenance or manufacturing industries.  We have partnerships with local employers, including a major airline, to interview successful graduates.

The full-time Aviation Basics course involves both classroom and shop instruction provided by qualified instructors. The onsite class is approximately 175 hours or 7 weeks.

Aviation Basics course will include a written, oral, and practical exam that allows for a viable credential recognizing the basic mechanical skill and aptitude of the individual. This credential is provided through our credentialing partner and will be recognized in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Upon completion of the Aviation Basics course and with this credential, the individual may pursue entry-level employment in several maintenance-based industries. Graduates will have the opportunity to interview industry employers.

Please contact us at 281-499-7200 or use the contact form on this website for more information on how to register for the program.

The Aviation Basics Tech credential is awarded after successfully passing the written, oral and practical exams at the end of the program.

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