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Aviation Basics is designed specifically for those with minimal or no experience and focuses on building mechanical aptitude in basic maintenance operations. This training program covers the foundation knowledge and skill needed to obtain an entry-level position in the aviation maintenance or manufacturing industries.

Career Pathways

There are many pathways to a career in aviation maintenance and manufacturing. Individuals can enter the aviation industry through employment in many different areas such as:

  • General Aviation (smaller aircraft)
  • Corporate (business aircraft)
  • Helicopters and EMS
    Commercial (airlines)
  • Repair Stations
  • Modification Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense Contractors
  • Public Use (govt)
  • Aerospace Organizations

All of these organizations offer employment that can include aircraft maintenance, ground-handling, fueling, parts/equipment personnel, assembly, manufacturing and other positions involving technical support.

The Aviation Basics course provides the foundation training to meet many of the entry-level positions in aviation/aerospace maintenance and manufacturing operations. Our career pathway focus is in the aviation maintenance area.

Job Prospects

According to multiple studies, the aviation industry has been in dire need of new maintenance workers for the last few years. Post COVID-19 the need will bounce back as many current employees left the industry through furloughs and retirements in 2020-21.

In a recent study released by Boeing – Pilot and Technician Outlook 2021–2040, they forecasted that even after the pandemic, there will continue to be a need for 626,000 new technicians to maintain the worldwide fleet (commercial) over the next 20 years with 132,000 technicians needed specifically in North America. These numbers do not include helicopter, business or general aviation maintenance needs.


As indicated in the study, meeting the projected aircraft mechanic demand is “wholly dependent on industry’s investment in a steady pipeline of newly qualified personnel to replace those who have left or will soon exit the industry through mandatory retirement, early retirement, recent layoffs and furloughs, and ongoing attrition.”

According to a GAO Report released in Feb 2020, the median age of an aircraft mechanic is 54 years with over 60% of all mechanics over the age of 50. With retirement and attrition along with changes during the pandemic, the aircraft maintenance job outlook is strong.


The Aviation Basics course will initiate an individual into many entry level positions in the aviation and aerospace industries. From there, we support a continued pathway to assisting individuals in obtaining their FAA certification as an aviation maintenance technician.

Aviation Basics is a partnership between Northrop Rice and The Aviation Mechanics Coalition.

What is Aviation Basics?

The Aviation Basics program is designed as an opportunity for individuals to become qualified for entry level positions at Manufacturers, MRO, and repair facilities where aircraft maintenance certificates are not always required. This foundation training program allows employment in several technical support positions including parts dept, shipping, tech assistant and quality control. Once established in the field an individual may also begin to build the hours required to take the A&P exam under 14 CFR Part 65 to become a fully licensed Aviation Maintenance Technician.

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